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You can now apply online. Alternatively you can download the forms below so they can be printed out and returned. The downloaded files are in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF Formats. Please click the link for the format you would like to download.

General Guidance

Applicants in full time school education must be resident or have their home in Cornwall. In the case of undergraduate or postgraduate applications, residence in Cornwall up to the completion of full time school education is acceptable.

A music teacher’s statement is an essential part of any successful application for a grant or an instrument loan and separate forms are provided for this purpose.

Please look at our Privacy Notice to find out how we ensure your privacy is protected.

Grant Aid

Applications for financial assistance can be made at any time, but the majority of the decisions are made at the annual meeting of the Trustees in September. Interim applications will be considered if application is made at other times.

Applications should preferably be made for specific needs. In general, grants are available to assist in the purchase of instruments and music, as a contribution towards the cost of tuition and travel, and for study courses. Requests are also considered for grant aid in respect of county course fees, provided the authority has already been approached. Where applicants are in full time study the Trustees will want to know the extent to which parents can contribute and what other sources of financial help have been approached.

All information regarding financial circumstance and commitments including documentary evidence will be stored securely, not transferred to any database and treated in strictest confidence.

To apply for Grant Aid, please complete and return the following forms to the Administrator, Sarah Rogers, whose contact details are given on the forms.

  • Application form
  • Financial Statement form, with supporting documentary evidence as indicated
  • Data protection form

The Music Teacher should also complete the Grant Application: Music Teacher’s Statement and return this separately.


We hold a good stock of student instruments, which can be loaned, free of charge, for a period of up to 3 years, subject to availability

To apply to borrow and instrument, please complete and return the Instrument Loan Application and Data Protection forms and return them to the Administrator, Sarah Rogers, whose contact details are given on the form.

The Music Teacher should also complete the Instrument Loan application: Music Teacher’s Statement and return this separately.

Grant Applications:

Grant Aid application form

Teacher statement form

Financial report form

Data consent form

Instrument Loans:

Instrument loan application

Teacher statement form

Data consent form

"The Radford Sisters were acclaimed by musicians throughout the country.

They worked for many years for the Cornwall Music Festival and brought music personally to villages up and down the county."
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