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Jennet Campbell MBE:
Cornish Gorsedd honour

Original Article: Credit: West Briton / November 17, 2011

A dedicated musician whose passion has enabled and encouraged hundreds of children across Cornwall to learn and play has been recognised for her exceptional endeavour.

Jennet Campbell, MBE, has been presented with a special award for her outstanding lifetime service to music, including 30 years spent running the Radford Charitable Trust, by the Grand Bard of Cornwall Mick Paynter.

At a ceremony held at the Truro Cathedral offices, Cornish bard Bert Biscoe said he was delighted the Gorsedh, which exists to celebrate and recognise cultural achievements, was honouring Mrs Campbell's career, contribution, life of music and helping young people to realise their potential.


At the event Mr Biscoe, whose friendship with Mrs Campbell's daughter Sally Daniel expanded his own musical knowledge, said: "I discovered a world of music that I knew very little about and discovered at the heart was this lady who had welcomed young people of all ages from all over the country to celebrate music."

He said she had been heavily involved in the new music department in the Roseland Community College, ensuring it was "one of the best music installations in Cornwall".

Mrs Campbell studied flute at the Guidhall in London and brought her fellow musicians to Cornwall to play alongside the Falmouth Opera Singers, which the Radford sisters Maisie and Evelyn founded.

The sisters, who lived in St Anthony on the Roseland, also worked for many years with the Cornwall Music Festival.

The Radford Trust was set up in 1970 with a bequest from the sisters and aims to help young musicians who need financial support to continue with their musical education.

Awards are given for tuition, travel costs and towards instrument purchase. The trust also owns instruments for loan to young musicians where purchase is not an option.

Last year the trust helped 21 young people in Cornwall, with a further ten receiving support during 2011.

As well as giving financial support to talented young musicians, the trust also helps fund orchestral events and workshops like the concerto class organised by the Cornwall Music Festival.

Mrs Campbell ran the trust for three decades from 1978, when she moved to Cornwall permanently, also setting up a youth wind band at Gerrans School as well as running free music lessons at the school.

Speaking on behalf of the Radford Trust and her mother, Emma Campbell, who took over as secretary of the Radford Trust about five years ago, said it was a huge honour to be presented with the award.

Daughter Mrs Daniel is also involved with the running of the trust, dealing with the instrument loans.

Radford Trust trustee and Cornwall councillor Julian German said: "Jennet Campbell has provided a tireless service to music and musicians in Cornwall and we are really proud that this has been recognised by the Gorsedh."

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"The Radford Sisters were acclaimed by musicians throughout the country.

They worked for many years for the Cornwall Music Festival and brought music personally to villages up and down the county."
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