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The Radford Sisters:
An Illustrated Lecture
by Jennet Campbell MBE

The following illustrated lecture was given by Jennet Campbell, Honorary Secretary of The Radford Trust for 30 years, from 1978-2007. The lecture was given in 2007.

Jennet Campbell was also a member of the orchestra of the Falmouth Opera Group and was herself awarded an MBE for services to music and education in Cornwall. Jennet Campbell was honoured by Gorsedd Kernow in 2011.

The lecture is quite long, so for ease of viewing, it is split into sections:

Part 1 - The Early Years covers the lives of the sisters up to the end of World War One.

Part 2 - The Roseland Concert Party deals with the early years after the war and also a precursor to the Falmouth Opera Singers. There is mention of Maisie and Evelyn's links with the Cornwall Music Festival and the Workers Educational Association.

Part 3 - The Falmouth Opera Singers gives some history of the Falmouth Opera Singers. This includes the sisters translating many libretti into English.

Part 4 - Recognition and the Radford Charitable Trust looks at their recognition in the form of a joint MBE, but also in the musical world beyond the Tamar. It also deals with the establishment of the Trust after Evelyn's death and the Trust's work in 2007 when the lecture was delivered.

"The Radford Sisters were acclaimed by musicians throughout the country.

They worked for many years for the Cornwall Music Festival and brought music personally to villages up and down the county."
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